Unspoken Communication

Dear Students:
I have talked many times in past posts about how we can’t fully express ourselves without the help of body language and it is one of the reasons I am so drawn to the Feldenkrais Method.  I was recently put in a situation where words could not help me explain a wonderful experience I had in nature.  Luck has it that below are the written words of part of a conversation I had with a newspaper reporter on why I was venturing outside in the snow.

“The lake was speaking,” she recalled. It was amazing.  It was this universal sound. It was this sound that must be like when you’re in outer space.  It wasn’t cracking.  It was this astral sound.  I sat there for quite awhile and was mesmerized by it.” ~Donna Bervinchak

Now for a fun lesson, watch the video of me saying these exact same words to see if you pick up anything more from my unspoken communication. What information did you get from my gestures, facial expressions and vocal intonations?  Does it seem like a different message?  If so, why? From this experiment, can you tell if you listen more with your eyes, ears, heart, gut, etc.?

On another note I am happy to tell you that I purchased a product that is helping me with my sensitivity to electromagnetic fields.  It is called the Total Shield and because of it I am getting stronger and am getting ready to offer Functional Integration sessions again.

F.Y.I.: To get a smart meter removed from your home the following videos will explain the successful steps you need to take: episode 1 and episode 2. After watching both episodes print out the documents.  If you have any questions when filling them out feel free to call me at 717.898.3359 and I can help you.

The Power of Love

Dear Students:
This month my weekly Feldenkrais students pleasantly surprised me and showered me with love on a Tuesday after class. They honored me with heart felt words of appreciation, endearments, and gift certificates to my favorite market.  Tears came to my eyes as their support cocooned me like a warm blanket.  These dedicated Feldenkrais students are the most consistent group of people that I have taught throughout the years and they bring me inspiration and joy each week. My thanks go out to all of them for freely giving to me!

Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe and because of it I thrive while I protect myself from the harmful effects of smart meters.  I believe that the new year will enlighten more people of the truth as well as empower more to righteously stand for what is best for all on the earth. In a blink of an eye I will be practicing again and will offer Functional Integration sessions to you in a pristine office.

smart meter is most likely attached to your house or workplace so I suggest to learn the facts about them.  People all over the world are developing negative health effects caused by them.  I am humbly grateful to my family, friends and community for helping me in very different ways during this journey.  The seeds that we planted this year will see the light in 2018. I can’t wait to see the fruits of our dreams!

F.Y.I.: To get a smart meter removed from your home the following videos will explain the successful steps you need to take: episode 1 and episode 2. After watching both episodes print out the documents.  If you have any questions when filling them out feel free to call me at 717.898.3359 and I can help you.

Creating Better Days

Dear Students:
Through the Feldenkrais Method we learn to become aware of our thoughts and as they change to more positive ones our movements & actions reorganize with them.  This is why transformation is possible for any one that applies the learned principles from this wonderful method.

At the Town Hall meeting on November 16th, Concerned Men & Women Against Smart Meters came together from Lancaster county & surrounding areas and formed powerful, new thoughts.  Our dream of creating a Pennsylvania without the existence of smart meters is materializing with each of our aspirations & actions.

Throughout history, Bards have had the power to change the collective thought through parables & song. I share with you a song that helps me move through challenging moments. Sing along with  Amos Lee and me to help secure these parting words into the ether!

“When the lights go out, all that I can dream about is how we’ll see better days” ~ Amos Lee, Singer, Song Writer & Bard

May your words & desires create a better tomorrow for all!
Wishing you and your family peace during this holiday season,

F.Y.I.: To get a smart meter removed from your home the following videos will explain the successful steps you need to take: episode 1 and episode 2. After watching both episodes print out the documents.  If you have any questions when filling them out feel free to call me at 717.898.3359 and I can help you.

The Root of the Problem

Dear Students:
Whenever someone comes to me for help I always search for the root cause of their problem.  For instance, if I work with a person experiencing back pain, I focus on seeing what he is doing to induce it.  If I find that the culprit is due to the way he habitually sits I bring this to his attention.  Then I embark on the process of teaching him how to sit more efficiently through hands on Functional Integration sessions and Awareness Through Movement lessons.  When he senses the difference between sitting his habitual way versus a more efficient way then he can choose the way that results in comfortable movement.  Understanding what the root of a problem is opens one up to new possibilities and empowerment.

For me the root of my problem is wireless smart meters.  As many of you know I no longer have an office to work at because of the harmful effects of smart meters. The fact is, Lancaster county has smart meters on every building except where people are lawfully fighting for their rights.  A solution for me and everyone is to create a smart meter free environment and will require community effort.  Here are the steps I am taking so I can work again in a healthy location!

First I am educating people about the truth regarding radiating, trespassing smart meters.  SecondIy I am organizing a town hall meeting to teach people how to take the proper steps to successfully get smart meters removed from their homes, work places and surrounding buildings.  Next with a seed group of like minded individuals, we will support those that choose to stand up and we will walk on this journey together.  I have been privileged to witness the transformation in a company of people that are already doing this and am grateful and honored to strongly stand with them.     

The video that I have included is very empowering and I highly recommend to take the time to watch it.  Following is a quote that I think appropriately describes the men that are leading the InPower movement, Josh del Sol and Cal Washington.  I feel blessed that they are living on the earth today!

“When there are many men lacking in decency, there are always others who have in themselves the decency of many.  They are the ones who rebel with terrible force against the robbers of their peoples’ freedom - hence robbers of their decency.  Such men are the embodiment of thousands, of a whole people, of human dignity.  Such men are sacred.” ~Jose Marti, quoted by Gregoriao Seiser in Sandino (Light and Truth, Dec. 1984).

I hope to see many of you on November 16th to begin the process of creating a better tomorrow for everyone!

F.Y.I.  After watching the video you may want to watch episode 2.  If you need help filling out the documents, people at the town hall meeting can help you or call me at 717.898.3359.

Invisible Masks

Dear Students:
Halloween is an opportune time to become aware of what it feels like when wearing a mask or costume.  Notice that the simple act of changing your clothes has the power to change how you behave, talk, walk and move.  Use your attention during your halloween dress up to feel the transformation in yourself.  Later use it to notice the many invisible masks that you wear daily.  How many hidden faces do you assume in one day?  Which one do you depend upon most often – the parent, boss, employee, coach, sister, brother, rebel, hero, etc.?  Remember that you are much more than the masks that you utilize.  Only by first becoming aware of your disguises can you choose to find out what lies beneath them. 

Since I am unable to work in buildings with smart meters, I have involuntarily taken off my Feldenkrais Practitioner mask and I have learned more about who lives behind it.  The main thing I have deeply realized is that the we are all One and we are a Community.  If one is harmed by something all of the community is harmed.  For example, currently if a student needs my services they can not receive them from me.  The person wanting my help is the first in the community to be effected because he/she will realize they will have to find another way to help themselves or, they will live one day longer with pain, discomfort or not being able to fully participate in their art form.  The next people effected are that person’s loved ones, and so on down the line…..

If you want to have a smart meter removed from your home there is an effective way to do it and the following videos will explain the successful steps you need to take: episode 1 and episode 2.  Each step can bring you to a new understanding of how imperative it is for us to stop the smart grid in it’s tracks to save humanity and the earth.  I thank you now for listening and promise that by taking action great things will come because of it.

F.Y.I.  Video Links: https://inpowermovement.com . After watching both episodes print out the documents, fill them out and send them in.

Learning From your Dominant Side

Dear Students:
During Saturday, September 23rd’s workshop, Enhancing Your Intelligence, the Feldenkrais lessons I have chosen to teach, will keep everyone on their toes due to extra mental twists that accompany the movements. 

Dominant Side

Following is an example of an easy way for you to explore on a daily basis to help boost your speed of thought.  Choose one simple task that you do often and never give any thought to how you do it because it is so habitual.  I will pick the task of opening and closing the blinds for this example. First, open the blinds with your dominant arm and pay close attention to how you organize yourself while doing this action. 

Do your shoulders turn when you open the blinds or stand still?
Do your eyes look at your hand as you pull the cord or elsewhere?  Does your head follow your eyes?
Does your pelvis turn to the left, right or stay in the middle?
Which direction do your feet point as you do this task?
Do you inhale or exhale during this action?
What kind of thoughts are linked to this habit?

Non-dominant Side

After you become aware of how your organize your dominant side to open or close the blinds then you are ready to teach your other side to move in a similar way.  When you first open the blinds with the non-dominant side ask yourself the same awareness questions as above.  You may be surprised to find out that this side may only rely on one part of your body to do this job.  Over time, that lonely part of yourself may become over worked.  This is why it is so important to teach this side to become more intelligent. Thoughtfully teach the non-dominant side to organize in a similar way as your dominant side whenever you open or close the blinds.  (Can you see how differently I organize myself in the photos?)

The longer you explore the greater the rewards will be. May you better your concentration skills and become a sharper thinker along the way!

Keeping My Head on Straight

Dear Students:
Over the last several months as I have been taking actions to keep my home and work space free from the harmful effects of smart meters I have been knocked down more than a few times.  Every time I struggle to get back on my feet, I notice remarkable changes in myself, afterwards.

I now have novel moments of carrying my head in it’s central axis, which has been a long search for me.  The experience of living with my head in a balanced position has enabled me to recognize when I unnecessarily hold it off center.  This awareness allows me to instantly stop the unwanted holding.  As a result, my posture has improved immeasurably and I have become empowered beyond my wildest dreams.  The movement pattern that goes with my new behavior of standing up for my rights (to a corporation & a commission) is exactly what I need to“keep my head on straight”!

I feel like this baffling experience is a lesson on Dr. Feldenkrais’s definition of health: Health is measured, not by the capacity to stay standing, but by the ability to be knocked down and then return to standing.” ~Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais

I am beholden to the Feldenkrias Method for making it possible to take my stance due to over two decades worth of lessons under my belt.  When this chapter in my life plays itself out, I believe I will prevail and will help others in ways I never could have before.

F.Y.I:  If you already have a smart meter on your home, you can protect your family, neighbors, animals and plants from it’s emissions by shielding it.  This will not solve all the problems that smart meters cause but it will help considerably.  You can purchase a smart guard;  or you can learn to make one on your own from many youtube videos.


Use Vacation Time To Create One New Beneficial Habit

Dear Students:
While at the beach, my Dad read a newspaper survey that said, “What Americans like to do most on vacation is nothing”. This statement made me realize that doing nothing is not beneficial during one’s time off contrary to what most people believe.  I know that people are very busy and many are too tired to want to think about change let alone develop a new habit during vacation. 
But I hope to succeed in showing you it is worthwhile to use a little bit of your holiday time to create one healthy habit.

Following is an example of how to form a favorable habit.  Instead of drinking *soda during your free time, replace it with a homemade glass of *lemonade.  For a more bonding and enriching experience prepare it with a child or relative and sweeten it with honey or stevia.

If you make the effort to develop your chosen new habit, it will slowly replace the bad habit that ultimately zaps your energy.  As you drink your novel creation, sense the difference in how you feel afterwards.  Remember this feeling every time you crave a *soda, and before you know it, you won’t even want soda any more.

By replacing *soda with *lemonade, I am positive you will feel a noticeable difference in your vitality and will realize that making *lemonade is a valuable activity.  Each day open your awareness and sense the cumulative effects the behavior change has on you: physically, emotionally and mentally.  This will help you to continue on your altered path.

This summer I hope you discover, that revamping can happen painlessly any time you want.  Also maybe you will find out that you like yourself and others a little bit more because of it!

  *Replace the words, “soda” and “lemonade” above with words such as: thoughtless words & thoughtful words; mindless exercise & mindful exercise; treadmill walking & nature walking; texting & talking; watching television & watching a sunset; future tripping & being present in the moment; over working & taking a break, etc.

Summer Class Schedule

Dear Students:
Below is the summer schedule for my Feldenkrais class.  Note that I will be available for private Functional Integration sessions during those times at my studio. Please mark the following dates on your calendar.

Class Location: Susquehanna Dance Center

When I was changing my website to it’s new domain name I came across “posts from the archives” that I thought you would all benefit in reading again.

I hope you enjoy the following one as much as I did!

From the Archives:
Why Feldenkrais – what are sessions like?  What have been the benefits to you?
“I’d been trying all sorts of ideas for years to fix my unstable low back and neck sprain, but I wasn’t getting to the heart of the matter.  I think I always knew that what I needed was someone to force me to be patient and listen to my body to help me find different options for movement and stability.  One day I eavesdropped on one of Donna’s Feldenkrais classes and found exactly the kind of disciplined self-kindness and self-awareness discovery I was looking for.
~Hafsa M. (click here to read the entire interview)

Have a wonderful summer enjoying nature’s goodies!

Skeletally Supported Sitting

An Off Balanced Posture

Dear Students:
My first full time summer job is etched deeply in my mind because it left me feeling old & worn out at the young age of 18.  I had a repetitive desk job during the day and afterwards I went to gymnastics practice.   When I got to practice I was shocked how stiff and exhausted I felt after “just sitting” all day.   To no avail I tried my hardest to get my energy up to go through routines. I had the worst practices that I had ever had in my entire life. I didn’t have the power, strength or flexibility that I had had only days prior to beginning the job.  This feeling lasted all summer long and didn’t go away until I started college and went back to more active way of spending each day.  

Skeletally Supported Posture

Looking back at that time, I now understand why I felt so worn out.  I was sitting in a way that required my muscles to isometrically hold my skeleton in an off balanced and still position.  By the time I got to practice my body felt like a rigid board because my muscles were still tense.  Because I wasn’t moving dynamically during the day like I was accustomed to doing I noticed a considerable difference in my energy level & my flexibility.  I felt devastated. 

The hardest thing for the muscles to do is hold the skeleton in place and that is what I was asking of them.  The easiest thing for the muscles to do is to move the skeleton. 

Today I know how to sit in a skeletally supported posture and am excited to teach how in the workshop, The Art of Skeletal Sitting on Saturday, June 3.   Finding support in this way will allow you to move easily while sitting so you can be ready to do whatever you want went you get out of your chair!