Pregnant Pauses

Pregnant Pauses™Classes
Movement for Moms

A scientifically proven program that helps to alleviate pregnancy pain, increases  energy and helps you have an overall healthier pregnancy!  Easy for all women throughout their entire pregnancy and afterwards.

Private Group Classes Available by Appointment
$120.00 per student for 6 Classes

3-5 Students required

During this series of six classes you will learn how to do small gentle movements that will help you improve the way you do everyday tasks.  You will be amazed how easy rolling over in bed; getting up or down off the floor; sleeping; breathing and moving will become!

  • Alleviate Pregnancy PainPregnantCrossedLegsBWphoto
  • Increase Your Energy
  • Move Easier
  • Sleep Better
  • Breathe Deeper
  • New & More Effective way to do Kegel exercises

Donna Bervinchak is a Pregnant Pauses Teacher™ and a Feldenkrais® & Child’Space® Practitioner.  She specializes in teaching people developmental movement sequences that help to improve human functions such as sitting, standing and walking.  She has been teaching and empowering people for over two decades and recently moved to Lancaster county from California.  For more information visit:

Contact Donna Bervinchak at 717.898.3359 to schedule private group classes for you and your friends.  

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