“I could barely walk for four days because I had sciatic nerve pain so badly. I turned down the conventionalc1 method of steroids and rest and went to see Donna. Incredibly after seeing her for only one week I was able to return to work!”
~Kevin F. Tretter,  U.P.S. Package & Delivery Driver

“After a series of Functional Integration® sessions with Donna I noticed a feeling of more space inside my rib cage.  At birth, my rib cage became caved in on one side due to medical instruments.  For almost 70 years I never knew I could breath like this!  Now I am effortlessly enjoying this simple act.” ~Marie Tapia, Teacher, Artist & Author

“I feel like I am living “My Impossible Dream”.  The song, The Impossible Dream, represents how my life has changed since working with you.  I am learning to do things that I thought I would never be capable of doing. I can’t believe how much I am growing and changing. I wish everyone in my life could understand that change is possible for them too!”
~Janet Westphal

“I discovered through sessions with Donna that I was Pulling-Armgiving uneven pressure with my legs when cueing my horse while I was intending to given even pressure. My better awareness allows me to be able to communicate more clearly with my horse.  Donna also taught me how to soften my jaw and ribs which helps me with the motion of riding.  I realized from this that I had been bracing myself when riding and this was not what I wanted to be doing because it can cause problems with my balance which could ultimately make me more liking come off my horse unexpectedly.”
~Ellen Barnes, Therapeutic Horse Back Instructor

“I am so incredibly grateful for Donna’s amazing skills – I have learned so much from her, and I feel so much better…..what a package! Her knowledge, patience and therapeutic touch are unparalleled.”
~Rene Thomas Smey, Occupational TherapistBeginning-of-Session

After working with Donna privately for a few sessions, I started taking her classes on a regular basis and this has allowed me to continue my 28 year career as an international teacher of classical and contemporary ballet. I was in so much pain before I started working with Donna, that I wasn’t able to walk up stairs or down the street much less demonstrate in class. Now, after only a very short time, I have hours and days without pain and I am able to walk not only “normally” but with much less effort, fear and pain. I now find my legs are able to raise and extend with fluidity and ease…. teaching has become a joy again. I will even be performing on stage again soon!!”
~Laura Rae Bernasconi
Ballet Teacher, Wellness & AcroYoga Instructor

Photo on 2015-01-13 at 14.01“Donna did not approach my situation by just working on relieving the pain in my over worked hands and arms. Through Functional Integration sessions with her, I became aware of how I moved in life…how I performed tasks and how I held my body based on behavior patterns that have not always resulted in efficient ways of moving. What started out as a way to restore health to my hands and arms led to tending to the whole situation of my life. The world of the Feldenkrais Method has plenty to offer if we are willing to be open and bring awareness into our lives.”
~ Carmen Dove, I.T. Analyst / Project Manager

“The harder dances were too much – after working with Donna, Bring it On!”
~Jennifer Berlet, Artistic Director, Choreographer & Dancer of NetCo Dance Company

Donna taught me all this knowledge about my body and Wheel WSmyself with this subtle and patient technique and it makes me want to apply subtlety and patience to the rest of my life, too. It’s become so obvious to me that when you stop and take the time to really pay attention you can find the most efficient, healthy, and rewarding solution to probably everything.
~ Hafsa Malik, Pilates Instructor

“Functional Integration® work with Donna has had an
unexpected effect on my entire life. I came to Donna for relief from physical pain and I have found that directly because of my work with her I am becoming the woman I have always wanted to be. In my sessions with her I am finding patience, empowerment, freedom of movement and in all ways important I am finding my own smooth stride in life. ”
~ Karen Swenson, Psychologist

First and foremost, Feldenkrais® work with testomonialsDonna relieves me from constant pain. Secondly, it reorganizes my body, my thoughts and emotions, allowing me a wider range of physical use and mental perspectives. When I feel down or blue, when I lack energy and a sense of hope in my life, Feldenkrais® sessions stabilize me, reminding me not to judge myself and to take small steps as I learn how to walk through my life.”
~Beate Schulz, College Professor & Mother

“I am an older softball player and although I’m constantly trying to improve my game I had reached an impasse. It seemed that no matter how much I practiced my game would not improve; sometimes it seemed to get worse. However, as soon as I started taking Donna’s Feldenkrais® classes, my game started improving dramatically. I noticed a strong manatworkcorrelation with attending classes and my game performance. I think it is partly due to increased coordination and flexibility and partly due to a more positive and relaxed mind set, all of which I attribute to Donna’s class.”
~Jerry Bohm, Chemist & “Softball Junkie”

“I felt GREAT after that session on Saturday. I was so loose and flexible, it was totally amazing. Like trying on a new body. Yesterday, I went on one of my Push-thru-the-Kneefavorite hikes and went for a swim in Bass Lake. This is something I used to do every summer but I have not been able to do for the last 3 or 4 years. I am so grateful to be doing the things I love again. Feldenkrais has totally changed my life. Thanks for being such an awesome teacher.”
~Patrick Collins

“After my first Feldenkrais® lesson with Donna, I went to the driving range to practice my golf swing and became pleasantly surprised. When I hit the ball, it felt like I grew a new body part, I just kept turning and turning!
~Cheech Marin, Actor, Comedian & Golfer

Hand-on-head-150x150Donna can literally “read” my baby. She is very gentle with him and doesn’t cause him any pain. She speaks to him like one would speak with an adult and he listens to her. She is very sensitive and positive and what she does works!”
~Lieba Masha Kamenetsky,
Mother of 6 month old baby boy, Shneur

“Donna, you have been a true blessing in our lives this year.  Your Feldenkrais approach has produced remarkable results in my daughter’s improved mobility and flexibility – so much more than the standard therapy she has been receiving.  We are so glad you landed in Lancaster county!”
~Fred Straub, Father of 12 year old daughter

   “Who Donna is and what she brings to the Feldenkrais Method are what makes it work.  Donna creates a safe environment during her sessions because of her wwbattentive presence and her probing, non-judmental questions.  Donna listened, really listened to my son like he was all that mattered and it showed.  In  her practice, she offers not just her hands, she offers her heart!”
~L.D., Mother of 9 year old son

“I was very skeptical about Donna at first.  After seeing what Donna has done with Carina in the past several testimonials21weeks versus what PT at Hershey Medical Center has done for her in 6 months – hands down, Donna has my praise!”
~Jere Flowers
Father of a Teenager dealing with “complex regional pain syndrome”

“I have noticed so many changes in Israel in the last three weeks, even more controlled breathing.  I think the biggest and most important change is that he is more img_7495comfortable in his own body.  He is more relaxed and is smiling more.  His movements are more controlled and he has more of them. He is also more alert to his surroundings, including the people and animals around him. He is just so much more present.
~Danielle Newswanger, Mother of Israel, age 6

If you would like to schedule a session with Donna, call 717-285-0399.  

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