Children with Special Needs

A Typical FeldenkraisChild’Space Session: 
Talking with AvaDonna’s work with children with special needs is based upon her deep understanding of the natural sequence of functional development and on improving the family dynamics around the child. Sessions will begin at the stage of development your child presents and will progress at your child’s pace. Donna will slowly introduce your child to guided movements that  resemble what a baby typically learns during the first year of life. While engaging your child through his senses such as touch, vision, and hearing, these lessons will arouse your youngster’s curiosity to connect with his environment and will stimulate the brain’s innate ability to form neurological pathways. This will help your child’s physical as well as mental functioning and well-being continue to improve well beyond a session.

Teaching and Empowering Parents:
Donna will teach you how to interact with your child in a way that will create opportunities for him to generate movement independently and inspire img_7495learning during play at home. She will interactively coach you in how to touch and guide your child’s movements between sessions. She will help you to change the family dynamic by learning how to provide circumstances for your child to function at home. All of this will help you to bond with your child so you can better sense her needs and trust your intuition.

Empowering Children:
Nearly every child, regardless of limitations, will babies22experience change happening during a session. Children enjoy learning through touch, movement and awareness in an encouraging atmosphere and are excited to come back for more. They listen attentively to the guided contact. They smile and laugh when it leaves them feeling better in a more flexible body. As children gain confidence in their physical abilities their gestures shine with pride during each new accomplishment.

Learning Between Sessions:
Between sessions you can expect your child to continue to learn. One sign that your child is learning is to observe her spontaneously doing movements babies2acquired during the session with Donna, and noticing improvements beyond what she learned. This and other subtle changes that Donna will prepare you to notice, indicates that the brain is integrating the new information into the neurological system.

A Success Story:
Israel: “I have noticed so many changes in Israel in the last three weeks, even more controlled breathing.”

Donna Specializes in helping:

Babies dealing with:

  • colicky issuesbabies1
  • acid reflux
  • flat head syndrome
  • missed rolling
  • missed crawling
  • missed walking
  • unpleasant “tummy time”
  • difficutly with any developmental movement stages
Children with Special Needs such as:

      • hip dysplasia
      • brachial plexus injury
      • torticollis
      • low / high muscle tone
      • brain / neurological injuries
      • strokes
      • infantile spasms
      • vision impairments
      • cerebral palsy
      • other difficulties
Pre-Teens & Teenagers dealing with:
      • attention deficit disorder
      • hip, knee & foot injuries
      • back problems
“Dr. Chava Shelhav has given the world a gift called Child’Space.  I use the Developmental Movement Exploration lessons as a road map.  This allows me to help people of all ability levels from birth to adulthood, in a more direct and profound way.   I am grateful for Dr. Shelhav’s ability to give us her knowledge with such clarity.”   ~Donna L. Bervinchak
 Feldenkrais / Child'Space Practitioner

If you would like to schedule a session for your child, call Donna at (717) 898-3359

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