A TED Talk: Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Hi Students:

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I have included a TED talk that I thought you would enjoy.  It is about creativity and the importance of educating our children fully through moving, thinking, sensing, and feeling.  Through the Feldenkrais Method I am able to help my students in this way and is why this talk caught my attention.  It brings me hope knowing that this message is touching more and more people.

Sir Ken Robinson stresses throughout his talk the imbalance in our education systems and how this is squandering the tremendous talents our children are born with.  He tells a wonderful story about how a famous dance choreographer was born when her doctor prescribed her to take dance lessons.  He told her Mother that her fidgety daughter “wasn’t sick, instead she was a dancer”. 

Sir Robinson goes on to say, “If you are not prepared to be wrong you will never come up with anything original.  By the time they become adults most kids have lost that capacity.  I believe this passionately, we don’t grow into creativity, we grow out of it – or rather we get educated out of it.”

In summary, I think along with Sir Robinson, that the future world our children will be living in, will require one to be more creative then one has to be currently, to be able to function in it.  He wraps up saying, “What TED celebrates is the gift of the human imagination.  We have to be careful now, that we use this gift wisely. Our task is to educate their whole being so they can face this future.”

Sir Ken Robinson, is quite entertaining in his delivery.  He makes some very important points and I encourage you to listen to it to the very end.  Feel free to email me about your thoughts!

Sincerely, Donna

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