Growing Healthier & Wiser

Dear Students:
When I hear people say, “I’m getting old and can’t do that anymore”, it always makes me want to have a conversation with them.  I want to explain that in most cases it is not age that brings pain, rather it is an accumulation of a habitual & unhealthy way of moving that is the culprit.

When a person carries out a harmful movement pattern for too long the body’s complaints are warnings of the damage that is occurring.  People often ignore these cranky alarms until years of repeating a bad habit results in their neurological system screaming Screen shot 2017-01-30 at 12.50.27 PMout in pain!  Extreme pain will literally stop individuals in their tracks.  This situation can be considered negative because typical functioning becomes impossible.  But looking at it on the bright side it forces one to become aware and creates an opportunity for a big change to take place.

Let’s compare a harmful movement pattern to dripping water on a rock.  After only one year of continuous drops hitting a rock, it’s change may be difficult to detect.  But in 25 years the structure of the rock will alter so much that anyone could see it.  As soon as a person recognizes “dripping water” in some form of dis-ease he/she can act before crucial damage is done.  Fortunately through the Feldenkrais Method®, students can learn how to become aware of their habits and improve the quality of their movement & overall well being.

With that said, standing is one of the hardest things we do as human beings and many are unaware of how they do it.  In my next workshop, Increasing Your Wingspan, learn how to mindfully transform your standing.

Discover through classes, workshops & private sessions that growing healthier & wiser is only an exploration away!

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