Skeletally Supported Sitting

An Off Balanced Posture

Dear Students:
My first full time summer job is etched deeply in my mind because it left me feeling old & worn out at the young age of 18.  I had a repetitive desk job during the day and afterwards I went to gymnastics practice.   When I got to practice I was shocked how stiff and exhausted I felt after “just sitting” all day.   To no avail I tried my hardest to get my energy up to go through routines. I had the worst practices that I had ever had in my entire life. I didn’t have the power, strength or flexibility that I had had only days prior to beginning the job.  This feeling lasted all summer long and didn’t go away until I started college and went back to more active way of spending each day.  

Skeletally Supported Posture

Looking back at that time, I now understand why I felt so worn out.  I was sitting in a way that required my muscles to isometrically hold my skeleton in an off balanced and still position.  By the time I got to practice my body felt like a rigid board because my muscles were still tense.  Because I wasn’t moving dynamically during the day like I was accustomed to doing I noticed a considerable difference in my energy level & my flexibility.  I felt devastated. 

The hardest thing for the muscles to do is hold the skeleton in place and that is what I was asking of them.  The easiest thing for the muscles to do is to move the skeleton. 

Today I know how to sit in a skeletally supported posture and am excited to teach how in the workshop, The Art of Skeletal Sitting on Saturday, June 3.   Finding support in this way will allow you to move easily while sitting so you can be ready to do whatever you want went you get out of your chair!

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