Turning 9 Seconds Into A Reality

Dear Students:
In this video a woman learns through the Feldenkrais Method® to improve standing on her left leg up to 9 seconds at a time!  In what ways do you think this changed her life?

After ankle surgery  when I learned how to stand more clearly on my left leg my whole life changed!  
Walking to the grocery store changed from a chore to a stroll; washing the dishes became a daily task instead of a dreaded chore; and dancing with my heart and soul turned into a reality!
What activities would you be doing if you learned to stand more efficiently on one or both of your legs?

If this is something you would like to learn then the workshop  Walking is Controlled Falling, on September 24, is for you!  To register call me at 717.285.0399 and receive the Early Bird price when you sign up before Sept. 17th!

Reminder:  There will be no Feldenkrais® classes during the first two weeks of August at the Susquehanna Dance Center!

P.S.  To schedule a Functional Integration® session with me for yourself or your child call me at 717.285.0399.


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