Unspoken Communication

Dear Students:
I have talked many times in past posts about how we can’t fully express ourselves without the help of body language and it is one of the reasons I am so drawn to the Feldenkrais Method.  I was recently put in a situation where words could not help me explain a wonderful experience I had in nature.  Luck has it that below are the written words of part of a conversation I had with a newspaper reporter on why I was venturing outside in the snow.

“The lake was speaking,” she recalled. It was amazing.  It was this universal sound. It was this sound that must be like when you’re in outer space.  It wasn’t cracking.  It was this astral sound.  I sat there for quite awhile and was mesmerized by it.” ~Donna Bervinchak

Now for a fun lesson, watch the video of me saying these exact same words to see if you pick up anything more from my unspoken communication. What information did you get from my gestures, facial expressions and vocal intonations?  Does it seem like a different message?  If so, why? From this experiment, can you tell if you listen more with your eyes, ears, heart, gut, etc.?

On another note I am happy to tell you that I purchased a product that is helping me with my sensitivity to electromagnetic fields.  It is called the Total Shield and because of it I am getting stronger and am getting ready to offer Functional Integration sessions again.

F.Y.I.: To get a smart meter removed from your home the following videos will explain the successful steps you need to take: episode 1 and episode 2. After watching both episodes print out the documents.  If you have any questions when filling them out feel free to call me at 717.898.3359 and I can help you.