Creating Better Days

Dear Students:
Through the Feldenkrais Method we learn to become aware of our thoughts and as they change to more positive ones our movements & actions reorganize with them.  This is why transformation is possible for any one that applies the learned principles from this wonderful method.

At the Town Hall meeting on November 16th, Concerned Men & Women Against Smart Meters came together from Lancaster county & surrounding areas and formed powerful, new thoughts.  Our dream of creating a Pennsylvania without the existence of smart meters is materializing with each of our aspirations & actions.

Throughout history, Bards have had the power to change the collective thought through parables & song. I share with you a song that helps me move through challenging moments. Sing along  Amos Lee and me to help secure these parting words into the ether!

“When the lights go out, all that I can dream about is how we’ll see better days” ~ Amos Lee, Singer, Song Writer & Bard

May your words & desires create a better tomorrow for all!
Wishing you and your family peace during this holiday season,

F.Y.I.: To get a smart meter removed from your home the following videos will explain the successful steps you need to take: episode 1 and episode 2. After watching both episodes print out the documents.  If you have any questions when filling them out feel free to call me at 717.898.3359 and I can help you.

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