Invisible Masks

Dear Students:
Halloween is an opportune time to become aware of what it feels like when wearing a mask or costume.  Notice that the simple act of changing your clothes has the power to change how you behave, talk, walk and move.  Use your attention during your halloween dress up to feel the transformation in yourself.  Later use it to notice the many invisible masks that you wear daily.  How many hidden faces do you assume in one day?  Which one do you depend upon most often – the parent, boss, employee, coach, sister, brother, rebel, hero, etc.?  Remember that you are much more than the masks that you utilize.  Only by first becoming aware of your disguises can you choose to find out what lies beneath them. 

Since I am unable to work in buildings with smart meters, I have involuntarily taken off my Feldenkrais Practitioner mask and I have learned more about who lives behind it.  The main thing I have deeply realized is that the we are all One and we are a Community.  If one is harmed by something all of the community is harmed.  For example, currently if a student needs my services they can not receive them from me.  The person wanting my help is the first in the community to be effected because he/she will realize they will have to find another way to help themselves or, they will live one day longer with pain, discomfort or not being able to fully participate in their art form.  The next people effected are that person’s loved ones, and so on down the line…..

If you want to have a smart meter removed from your home there is an effective way to do it and the following videos will explain the successful steps you need to take: episode 1 and episode 2.  Each step can bring you to a new understanding of how imperative it is for us to stop the smart grid in it’s tracks to save humanity and the earth.  I thank you now for listening and promise that by taking action great things will come because of it.

F.Y.I.  Video Links: . After watching both episodes print out the documents, fill them out and send them in.

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