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Hi Students:
Due to technical difficulties FeldenkraisBlog is entering a partnership with .net and is parting ways with .com. Please let all your friends know and if you have any trouble with my website please email me about the details.  Thanks.

My next workshop, Softening the Face, Jaw & Eyes will focus on the parts of ourselves we use and sense the most!  I have included a homunculus photo below to help you understand how much of the brain is dedicated to these areas. Notice that the the face, jaw, tongue & eyes are drawn much larger than the legs and feet to visually make this point.  

Some benefits students have experienced from softening the face are:  improved digestion, easier breathing, & relief from neck & shoulder pain.  One of my favorite stories came from a student in San Francisco after I taught a similar workshop.  She told me that when she was walking home from the workshop she heard some whistling.  She looked around to see where it was coming from and realized that she was the one spontaneously whistling She was delighted because until that moment in her life she had never been able to whistle!

I am confident that I will hear many more wonderful stories like this one after the workshop! I hope one of them is from you!

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