Use Vacation Time To Create One New Beneficial Habit

Dear Students:
While at the beach, my Dad read a newspaper survey that said, “What Americans like to do most on vacation is nothing”. This statement made me realize that doing nothing is not beneficial during one’s time off contrary to what most people believe.  I know that people are very busy and many are too tired to want to think about change let alone develop a new habit during vacation. 
But I hope to succeed in showing you it is worthwhile to use a little bit of your holiday time to create one healthy habit.

Following is an example of how to form a favorable habit.  Instead of drinking *soda during your free time, replace it with a homemade glass of *lemonade.  For a more bonding and enriching experience prepare it with a child or relative and sweeten it with honey or stevia.

If you make the effort to develop your chosen new habit, it will slowly replace the bad habit that ultimately zaps your energy.  As you drink your novel creation, sense the difference in how you feel afterwards.  Remember this feeling every time you crave a *soda, and before you know it, you won’t even want soda any more.

By replacing *soda with *lemonade, I am positive you will feel a noticeable difference in your vitality and will realize that making *lemonade is a valuable activity.  Each day open your awareness and sense the cumulative effects the behavior change has on you: physically, emotionally and mentally.  This will help you to continue on your altered path.

This summer I hope you discover, that revamping can happen painlessly any time you want.  Also maybe you will find out that you like yourself and others a little bit more because of it!

  *Replace the words, “soda” and “lemonade” above with words such as: thoughtless words & thoughtful words; mindless exercise & mindful exercise; treadmill walking & nature walking; texting & talking; watching television & watching a sunset; future tripping & being present in the moment; over working & taking a break, etc.

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